How To Go About Cleaning Window Covers

Even if you do not realize it when you are inside the house on a daily and hourly basis and get used to the scenery, curtains and any type of window coverings get filthy and dirty very easily; and especially if you have kids or four legged companions running about the house and rubbing and playing with the curtains. Curtains are certainly elegant and are a must inside a house but cleaning them can be harder than giving your whole house a thorough clean out session. Sometimes you cannot even use the washing machine on them! So here are some ideas to run in your mind when you are contemplating the dirt and grime on the curtains and how to get rid of the said ugliness tarnishing your beautiful window coverings.
#1 Dusting goes first

Even though it may seem like a general common sense notion, the curtains need to be dusted before using any type of detergent or cleaner of any sort on them. It is hard to get rid of all the dust on a single go, so keeping ahead of the wind and the dust bunnies is a must by doing regular dustings of the clothes that hang onto the railing on a weekly basis. Usually starting at the top makes it easier and make sure the windows are open when you are attempting this. Vacuum the hems and the folds as well as the top of the curtains if you are hanging the cloth and the overhanging both. Avoid using any damp material or cloth to clean it out as it will just smear the dirt all over the cloth and you will have more work than you need to do.
#2 Going for the steam option
It may sound like an expensive notion but there are cheap, small and easy to use handheld steamers you can buy from the supermarket which will be useful for you to do the curtain and vertical covers Gold Coast. But before you attach the nozzle to the curtain or the window covering, check the manual on the steamer to see which sort of materials are to be avoided as some of the steamers are not very plastic or wood friendly. After you are done with the steaming do not leave the windows open as it will attract dust to the cloth again.
#3 Easy machine wash
Most of the cloth curtains are machine washable and does not require extensive manual labor as going through with the sponge or cloth and spraying product all over like it does for vertical blind cleaning. You can easily take off any metal hooks or strips of tough material on the curtains and put them on the washing machine with some detergent and baking soda for a thorough clean out without the hassle.
Try going for a professional dry cleaning service for curtains as it will be much cheaper than you realize and it will get the job done better than you ever could attempt to do so.