4 Points to Consider before Picking up the Right Window


Like the doors of your house, purchasing the windows is also a big concern. Will you focus more on style or on utility? If this question has bugged you ever ad you want to be extra cautious for the next time, then the following quick guideline should claim your attention-

1. The design should synchronize with the architecture

The design of the windows should be in-sync with the overall architecture of your house. Does it show a country home resemblance? Or contemporary living? These are few aspects you need to analyze before picking up the ideal window design. Not only that, if your house has a classic feature, then the Venetian blinds for the windows would be better. On the other hand, for a house with modern exterior- roller blinds or shutters would be perfect choices.

2. Decide placement analyzing the direction of the sun

This is a regular practice in oriental countries that rely heavily on the movement of the sun before considering the placement of windows. Even in the west, you can follow the same rule for the healthy amount of ventilation and sunlight coming inside of your home. Work in close hand with your architect and request him to place the windows in such angles where sunlight will be most welcomed and less disruptive. In this way, you will be able to decide the type of blinds – Venetian blinds or awning blinds?

3. Select the colors cautiously

The exterior shade should be the one- which is predominant in your locality. In similar fashion, the window trims must get their own accent colors based on the exterior color of the building and the type of window frames. Whether you are renovating your house or purchasing a new one, go through the color palette from the local paint shop (from where you are sourcing this task) multiple times before deciding upon the window trim color. This will help you to visualize your home perfectly, and select the best option.

4. Choose windows based on application

Before you go for a shopping spree to pick up the windows for your house, go through the following types to know the difference-

• Are you shifting to an apartment? Then awning windows can be most suitable for your flat. They can be opened only from a particular angle.

• If you moving to a beach house, then sliding window in your drawing room will give you a chance to easily let the fresh window come inside your house

• For a fuss-free home owner, sash windows that are easily movable can be better.

Consider these options wisely, and you will not have to regret in the future. In case you are not sure of it, consider the option of hiring an interior decorator to get the job done.